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Solo Pianist

Contact Jenny for current and potential future projects and recital programs.

Accompaniment and Other Collaborative Arts

Jenny performs alongside soloists and choirs for auditions, concerts, exams and recitals. Believing in the collaborative enchantment of chamber music, Jenny also regularly performs in chamber ensembles in a variety of conventional and adventurous repertoire. To share the love and charm of music, please contact Jenny through the contact page regarding availability and rates.


Piano Lessons

Having studied under and worked closely with many wonderful musical pedagogues, Jenny understands the nurturing, facilitating and guiding role of a piano teacher in the journey of music education. Jenny believes in the embracing development of aesthetic appreciation, arts history, ensemble skills, music theory and performance in her teaching. Jenny aims to assist her students in developing a positive and constructive attitude to learning and instilling a passion for performance by using challenging experiences as reflection and development opportunities, celebrating achievements and engaging a wide stylistic palette of repertoire. Please leave Jenny a message through the contact page for information regarding vacancies and rates.

Online lessons are now available through WebEx and Zoom, contact Jenny for details! 

Jenny also offers music theory/musicianship and practical performance exam general knowledge lessons. A selection of stylistic and structural analyses of classical music are available for purchase. Please contact Jenny through the contact page for details. 

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